DOUBLE SIDED HEAVEN   Marchesi’s new super 170s double-sided wool and silk blend is the perfect choice for letting your imagination run wild. Both sides are made from different colored yarns but at the same time they give a harmonious appearance. Silk gives the fabric a lovely shine and luxurious softness. Marchesi Super 170 wool and silk blend is a perfect choice for an unlined jacket or suit for those summer days.   Pick your double sided fabrics from our selection at the following link:…Continue reading “DOUBLE SIDED FABRICS”

THE “INVISIBLE” ACCESSORY   Buttons are an indispensable accessory that characterises the mood and style of a suit, jacket or a pair of trousers. Depending on what material and style we choose the end result is greatly influenced by our decision. While a blazer with slim, like-colored buttons comes through as a classic, elegant piece when one chooses thicker or rustic horn buttons the jacket gets a sportier look. Our limited edition, laser engraved mother of pearl buttons will make your suits truly eclectic and…Continue reading “BUTTONS”

NATURAL STRETCH FABRICS AT MARCHESI   No Lycra or Elastan. Marchesi Natural Stretch fabrics are the result of a unique manufacturing process that allows the fibres to stretch 8-10% with full recovery. These natural stretch fabrics are highly durable, easy to handle by tailors and keep their shapes and structures for long periods of time.  Perfect pick for slim fit suits. Recommended for men who make no compromises between flawless elegance and comfort.   Take a look at our Marchesi Natural Stretch selection:   NATURAL…Continue reading “NATURAL STRETCH SUIT”

THE SPORTY BLAZER   A Blazer is clearly an essential in the wardrobe. Whether it is plain or chequered, it lets its owner’s creativity on an endless journey in the sea of unconstrained combinations. You can’t go wrong with a classic combination wearing it with jeans or a more modern pairing with colorful chinos. In Marchesi’s 2019 Spring-Summer Collection you can find the most trending colors: green and burgundy.   Also take a look at our favorite blends of wool-silk-linen and linen-silk-cotton at the below…Continue reading “THE SPORTY BLAZER”